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about us

............ 1. local colouring:

............ 2. premises

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1. history and local colouring:   {  }

masc foundation 39 dada are an artist group (Roland Schütz - Kurt Mayr - Richard Schütz - Arno Schmid †2016) witch works, since its opening in june 1999, intensively on the integration of fine arts and their various expressions. Our artist run spaces were located vis a vis at grundsteingasse. We were founded as artistic counterparts in this street in Vienna Ottakring.

Since the death of Arno Schmid (39dada) in june 2016 the artproject will be continued by masc foundation.

For a long time, the Brunnenviertel, the area around the Viennese Brunnenmarkt in the 16th district, has been an ideal place of work and living for many artists. The artists of our association have come together here to find common possibilities of artistic expression and presentation. The advantages of the area are innumerable: the cosmopolitan social climate, the successful, multicultural mutual stimulation of the most varied cultures represent an ideal nurturing ground for the art, which always also intends to explore the human being in its expressions, desires, hopes and capabilities. Many members have lived and worked in this area for a long time. A dense network of social contacts and mutual support has been created in this way, which we now want to unite and consolidate through a basic central structure, the MASC FOUNDATION - 39 DADA, in order also to increase the efficacy of our art work. Artisans, cinema owners, pub owners, people of all nationalities have among others supported our artistic activities up to now and will continue to do so in the future.

2. premises   {  }

............ MASC Foundation - Grundsteingasse 40

............ 39 DADA - Grundsteingasse 39 (till 2016)

MASC Foundation - Grundsteingasse 40:  {  }

Five empty rooms showing onto the street and comprising all in all 120 m2 can be used for exhibitions, events and as a studio. The direct entry from the street attracts many visitors who would normally shy away from the contact with modern art. Richard Schütz and Kurt Mayrs studio is situated in Top 1 of the same building. This location is particularly advantageous for the construction of exhibitions and/or for use as an art studio.

39 DADA - Grundsteingasse 39: (till 2016)  {  }

Vis-a-vis Arno Schmid (†2016) worked in these premises showing his art works aswell as from various artists from austria and abroad.


3. aims   {  }

We look at foreign cultures and foreign artists in the same way as we look at different forms of artistic expression: for us, the quality of an artwork and its message is decisive and not the medium carrying it. Through our basic artistic approaches we are already very different artists. This spiritual freedom and artistic variety we want to transmit in our exhibition- and art mediation activities. Among our friends are a lot of artists in other genres: writers, filmmakers, punk musicians, revue singers, construction workers, actors, cooks, etc. Their work certainly belongs to our professional environment: it is these resources that the originality and uniqueness is nurtured from.

4. artist in residence :   {  }

MASC FOUNDATION - 39 DADA places another emphasis of its activities on the promotion of the discourse with other cultures. To this end, we intend to invite artists from abroad at least twice yearly to present their work here in Vienna. These stays are planned for the length of up to two months. The invited artists are asked to produce during this time works directly referring to their life and experiences in Vienna. This project wants to sharpen the curiosity and openness towards other cultures by learning from the contact with these artists. Vienna is only a small metropolis, and it thus needs an external point of view and impressions about itself from the outside in order not to remain stuck in provinciality and sleepiness.

5. art presentation   {  }

MASC FOUNDATION - 39 DADAs projects and activities are certainly not aimed at opening up a competition with existing galleries and institutions of art promotion. Instead, we strive for cooperation and synergies, wherever this seems to be fruitful for our artistic work. MASC FOUNDATION - 39 DADA considers itself a platform for artists; it is intended to provide possibilities for artistic presentation and wants to cooperate with existing galleries. It is often impossible to realize artistic projects (installations, performancesÉ), because they are not profit-oriented. The promotion and presentation of these works exceeds the potentialities of art promoters, who generally depend on the sale of the artworks. Our experience shows that a large degree of interesting and high-quality art activities can therefore simply not take place, since the artist regards himself as a communicating human being getting into touch with the environment in an artistic rather than commercial way. Wherever lacking profitability prevents this communication, MASC FOUNDATION - 39 DADA will act in addition to existing art education and promotion practices. We offer additional facilities, rather than opposing already existing structures!

4. art presentation   {  }